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Cities And Memory mark 50 years since moon landings

A collection of the sounds of space remixed and presented in an online interactive exhibition

To mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, the online sound project Cities And Memory have launched an interactive map featuring remixed interpretations of sounds from space. Space Is The Place combines 80 artists’ treatments of recordings from NASA and the European Space Agency, all of them working to the brief: “What does space travel sound like?”

Sounds featured include: the Apollo 11 radio transmissions; space walks and alarm calls from the International Space Station; interstellar plasma and deep space tsunami waves recorded by Voyager; radio emissions from Jupiter, Saturn and Ganymede, rocket tests, shuttle flights and much more. The title of the project, say Cities And Memory, is a tribute to the 1973 Sun Ra album.

Full details are available on their website.

Other Cities And Memory projects tackle sound photography and London Underground.